Transaction Windows (EXTW)


EXTW Series transaction windows by North American are designed to allow for both voice communication and the passing of documents or currency without compromising the safety of the teller. They are offered in prime finish, stainless steel and aluminum frames. These “fixed” transaction windows are available with a “voice around” passive communication system for interior applications. Exterior applications will include either a NASD-6 speaker device or an ESD electronic speaker device. NABP outfits the EXTW’s with a parcel shelf incorporating an MDT series stainless steel deal tray to pass documents or cash. Parcel shelves are provided in stainless steel, plastic laminate or solid surface (Corian, etc.). The EXTW series is our most popular transaction window probably due it’s versatility and can be customized to meet virtually any requirement. We can add a TPP transparent package passer to pass larger parcels. “L” shaped corner units are available. DPP drawer package passers or HPP hopper package passers can be built into the bottom of the EXTW. Most EXTW windows are available in all performance levels. Call and allow our design professionals to help solve your transaction requirements.

  • Level 1

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  • Level 3

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  • Level 4

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  • Level 8

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Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL 752, 11th Edition

Rating: Ammunition: Grain: Velocity (fps):Min. - Max. No. No. Shots:
Level 1 9mm FMJ 124 1175 - 1293 3
Level 2 357 Magnum JSP 158 1250 - 1375 3
Level 3 .44 Magnum SWC 240 1350 - 1485 3
Level 4 .30-06 Rifle SP 180 2540 - 2794 1
Level 5 7.62mm Rifle FMJ 150 2750 - 3025 1
Level 6 9mm FMJ 124 1400 - 1540 5
Level 7 5.56 Rifle FMJ 55 3080 - 3388 5
Level 8 7.62mm Rifle FMJ 150 2750 - 3025 5
BS = 00 Buckshot, FMJ = Full Metal Jacket, JSP= Jacketed Soft Point, RS = Rifled Slug; SP = Soft Point, SWC = Semi Wad Cutter

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